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The Glass Blog is a knowledge sharing space for all the glass industry enthusiasts in the internet. As a part of this initiative, we always welcome guest bloggers and co-authors to “write for us”.

For a guest blogger, there is no hard set rule to begin. All you have to do is simply write a comment on this page and you’ll be invited to be a member. Content provided by you should be related to the glass industry (flat glass/architectural), architecture with glass, green building and glass, and so on.

For you to be a co-author (sorry to be harsh), you need to have a sound profile in the glass or allied industry. As a universal practice, invitations are sent to eminent industry leaders to be a co-author, but to be honest, for a start up initiative, hardly any reply is received ! So it is fair to promote guest bloggers after a decent reputation is earned and a high level acquaintance is achieved. Also if interested writers can convince with their bio/profile, they would be welcome to be a co-author right away.

If you would like to be a guest blogger or a co-author, just post your comment on this page with your email id.

13 thoughts on “Write for us

  1. I would be interested in learning more about your initiative and possiby providing content for you blog. I have been published on US Glass magazine, July 2010 edition and have over 16 years experience in the glazing field.

    Rick De La Guardia
    DLG Engineering

    • Dear Mr Rick,
      It was so nice to see your comment. Glass blog is a knowledge sharing initiative, aimed at spreading the knowledge about float glass, glass application in building, glass and green buildings, glass selection, and glass industry update. The glass blog would be an ideal platform for all glass industry enthusiasts, architects and green building enthusiasts, to learn and constantly update themselves with the “Glass Trends”.
      Delighted to know that you are interested in contributing to The Glass Blog, kindly accept my invitation to wordpress.com and contact me once you have done it.

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  3. I represent a company that has introduced new patented low energy milling technology that can be used for the effective (and economic) fine grinding of GRP and glass waste for use in recycling applications. News of this technology should be of interest to readers of this blog.

  4. In reviewing this blog site, I noticed a need for information on interior glass (shower enclosures, wall partitions, table tops, mirrors, etc.). I work for Guardian Industries Corp., specifically for their interiors segment, Guardian InGlass. I think I can provide a new and interesting perspective on the growing world of decorative interior glass. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi…
      So nice to see you comment. Sorry I’s not updating this blog for a while. It would be great if someone like you could contribute to this blog. Please let me know if you are interested to co-author this blog. Mail me sanandram@ymail.com

  5. Hi,

    I just went through this blog.The theme and the blog posts are interesting, and I would love to contribute a guest post, with your approval of course. I only need to know the word count and the do-follow links requirement.
    Please do let me know if you’re accepting posts at the moment, and I will get back to you with a post that’s relevant.

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂
    Thanks and Best,

    • Hi…you are welcome to be a guest blogger. No word count limitations or link follow mandates, only thing is what you write should be relevant to this blog.
      Thanks for your comment

  6. Hi,

    I would like to contribute to this site. If given the chance to contribute, I will provide fresh, quality content about what glass pool fencing is capable of; not only to swimming pools, houses, and properties, but also to the household.

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