Low-e Coated Glass and the right usage

Here’s a short article which describes the right usage of Low-e coated glasses. Towards the last sentence of the article, it has been clearly stated that these glasses are used to prevent heat loss from the building in cold climate. But still the usage of these glasses have been mis-understood and are used in hot and humid climates, believing that they reduce the overall heat entering the building. True that they block long wave infra red radiation entering the building, just like they block them from leaving the building (which is why they are mostly used in cold climate).

Read the article on low-e coated glass here.


3 thoughts on “Low-e Coated Glass and the right usage

    • Hope in a Solar Oven, solar heat has to be trapped. Theoretically if you use a glass with very high solar factor and very low u-value, a heat trap could be generated. But it has to be seen if the sensitive low-e coating could withstand the effects of installation & wear and tear. This theory holds true in buildings where heating cost has to be reduced, especially in cold climates.

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