News on Glass & Refractory World, week# 08

° Jushi USA / Gibson Fiberglass announced to have developed ViPro™, a high strength, high modules fiber for reinforcement for composite applications with improved corrosion resistance and physical properties; this product will be fully marketed by end of Q1-2011 and is manufactured by Jushi Fiberglass, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, PRC. With three production bases in Tongxiang, Jiujiang, and Chengdu, they have a capacity for 900,000 TPY of fiberglass.

° Guardian Industries Corp. following extensive analysis and strategic planning announces plans to build a float glass manufacturing plant in Krasny Sulin (Rostov region), Russia, with 900 TPD capacity and downstream treatment facilities. The plant is expected to begin operations in mid 2012.

° Saint-Gobain SEFPRO has announced the forthcoming opening of its new manufacturing facility for sintered refractories at its existing production site, SEPR India, in Palakkad. The product range will include sillimanite, andalusite, mullite, high alumina, bonded AZS and zircon for the glass industry and will be made under Savoie Refractaires standards.

° Owens Corning announced that will sell its glass fiber reinforcements plant in Capivari, Brazil to China’s Chongqing Polycomp International Corp. Terms were not disclosed, but the sale is expected to close in Q2-2011. This will not affect OC’s ownership of its fiber reinforcements and fabrics facilities in Rio Claro, Brazil.

° Saudi Advanced Industries Company (SAIC) announced that has begun the float glass operation at its subsidiary Obeikan Glass Company. The plant is located at Yanbu el Bahr, Saudi Arabia, some 350 km north of Jeddah. When fully operational, the plant will produce 800 TPD, under Fives Stein technology.

° Resco of Pittsburgh, PN, on Jan. 20, has announced 2011 products prices increases from 5-15%, up to 20-25% for some specific item, mostly due to raw materials (bauxite, magnesite, graphite, dolomite, etc) price inflation but also freight and labor costs, not anymore absorbable through cost savings. Increases will become effective on March 1st.


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